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Hermaphroditic Expanded Beam Connectors Medium


The HEBM style Expanded Beam connector is designed according to Mil-DTL-83526 which is the de facto standard in today’s military market.


The broadcast and industrial markets are also using this connector style in a variety of application.


The HEBM range features 1-12 optical channels, single mode & multi-mode.


The Expanded Beam technology allows the usage of optical communication link with work: first time, every time.


The hermaphroditic design is particularly useful and provides unique benefits in rapid deployment or cable extensions, as no adaptors are needed. Any two connectors can just be interconnected.



- MIL-DTL-83526 compatible

- Hermaphroditic

- Multi-mode & Single mode

- 1~12 channels

- Plug and Bulkheads

- Field repairable

- Anodized Alu / stainless steel

- RFID marked



- Military, Oil & gas, Broadcast & industrial





Insertion loss

50/125 @ 850-1300nm < 1.5dB

9/125 @ 1310-1550nm < 1.5dB

Return loss

9/125 @ 1310-1550nm

Actual value depending on construction

Special high return loss versions > 30dB

Vibration sinusoidal

10-500Hz, 0.75 amplitude @10g acceleration

Free fall resistance

500 falls onto concrete from 1.2M height

Bump resistance

4000 bumps @40g acceleration

Tensile strength

Tensile of 1500N, cable dependent

Cable variations

Compatible with tactical cable:-

Plug: typical 6mm or 7mm OD

Bulkheads: with strain relief – same as plug

Without strain relief: < 3mm per channel

Water Immersion

Up to 2m depth

Operation temperature

-40℃~ +70℃

Storage temperature

-55℃~ +85℃