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If Grin-lens is not used for a long period of time (more than one month) after it is unpacked, please store it in the dry environment. The lenses should be stored in the “Dry Box” or protected by using the desiccant and vacuum.


For non-coated lenses, please store them with temperature24℃±2℃and humidity RH<40% before it is unpacked. The preservation period is 90 days.


After you open the package, please coat the lens as soon as possible. The temporary preservation period (in normal temperature and humidity) should not be more than 3 days.




Please pay more care and attention when you open the boxes, because Grin Lens may stick to the shield of the box in the transmission. This will be helpful to prevent lens from losing. Lenses should be handled by tweezers, preferably those with tapered end. Furthermore, the lenses should be picked up out of their individual compartments by clamping the side surface of the lens.

(Please do not touch the lens facet with the hands directly. This action may pollute the lens.)




When it’s necessary to clean the Grin Lens facets due to the presence of some dust or film which may impair the image, it’s suggested to use 95% ethanol or the mixed liquor by ethanol and aether as detergent to keep the facet of Grin Lens clean