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D1.8 Single Core Capillary

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MCL D1.8 Single Core Capillary


Capillary is one of the important components for fiber connectors, fiber collimator and other optical devices. It is made of high boron silicon glass, having certain inner diameter and end with the tapered hole on the optical fiber.


              MCL-1.8 Single



Parameter :

Outer diameter (OD): 1.8 ±0.02 mm

Inner diameter (ID): 0.126 ±0.002 mm

Length (L): 7.0 ±0.2 mm

Double fiber diameter:0.256 mm


Material: boron silicon glass or quartz glass

Used for optical fiber collimator component




* 1.8 Dual Core Capillary is available;

** Special requirements can be provided.