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Plano – Convex Lens

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MOH Plano – Convex Lens

Technical Charts


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For Plano-Convex lens, it has a curved surface on one end facet, designed to reduce the spherical aberration and improve the coupling efficiency in the lens. Furthermore, the curved surface can increase the acceptance angle and have smaller spot size. It is mainly used for coupling from light source and optical active components, such as a laser diode or LED, into an optical fiber.



         - High efficiency of coupling

         - N.A.=0.60 or 0.46



         - Coupling LD light into the fiber

         - Coupling LED light into the fiber


Typical parameters:

- Diameter tolerance: + 0.005/-0.01mm

- Length tolerance: ±0.02 mm

- Convex radius: 1.5mm, 2.0mm or as specified

- AR coating: R < 0.5% ﹫±30nm, langmuda=650nm, 808nm….1250~1650nm

- For full specification, please check Specification Charts or request for datasheet.


Order Guide

MOH Plano-convex Order Guide