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One-dimension Lens

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MSH One-dimension Lens

Technical Charts


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The refractive index of One Dimensional Lens is gradually varying in one direction. This characteristic allows the lens to optimize and reshape the elliptical laser light spot. The whole product is small size and easy installation, etc.



         - Compress the light angle from any optional direction;

         - Axial tolerance of the lens is big;

         - Plano Lens surface, rod shape and easy installation;



         - Collimating for fast and slow light of semiconductor laser;

         - Coupling semiconductor laser into the fiber;

         - Reshaping semiconductor light;


Typical parameters:

- Compress angle: due to customer demand

- Numerical aperture: 0.46 or 0.60

- Lens length: 1 ~3mm

- Working distance: 0.05 ~0.5mm

- Lens width: 1 ~20mm

- For full specification, please check Specification Charts or request for datasheet.


Order Guide

MSH One-dimension Order Guide