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Imaging Lens Array

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MAR Imaging Lens Array

Technical Charts


Storage and Handling


The Imaging Lens Array is used in 1:1 image transfer applications. The arrays are composed of one or more rows of lenses. The Lens Array’s short total conjugate (TC) allows the designer to decrease the optical path length and reduce the overall size of the optical system.



         - Used in 1:1 image transfer applications;

         - Be composed of one or more rows of lenses;

         - Adjacent lenses overlap and form a continuous erect image;



         - Copier;

         - Facsimile;

         - Scanner;

         - Image system of medical treatment;

         - Optical scanning, read-write equipment;


General Instruction:

WL = Lens width

WT = Total width

T = Thickness

L = Working distance

Z = Lens length

TC = Total conjugate


Order Guide

MAR Image Lens Array Order Guide